Thursday, December 29, 2011

Double Your Donation Dollar!

$25K Matching Campaign

Phil & Melissa Shaffer
Phil & Melissa Shaffer have been faithful supporters of Thirst Relief for years and have once again decided to do an exciting matching gift.

Phil & Melissa recently learned that Thirst Relief's Founder and President, Jim Hicks, has been an unpaid volunteer for Thirst Relief for more than six years. In order to give the organization the growing attention that it requires and still provide for his family's needs, Jim has agreed with our board that now is the time to transition from an unpaid volunteer to a paid staff position. A salary will enable Jim and his family of six to continue giving all of the time and effort they've sacrificed in bringing clean water to the people of the world.

Phil & Melissa will match you, dollar for dollar, when you designate a donation toward the matching campaign and have generously agreed to match up to $25,000!

Jim & Clean Water Recipients
The goal of this campaign is simple: Once matched, this campaign will provide Jim and his family with much needed funds. This will enable Jim to continue his hard work for the organization and ensure that tens-of-thousands of people receive clean water each year.

Here's how to donate toward the match:

      A. Online at
      B. Send a check to:
        Thirst Relief
        P.O. Box 436
        Lewis Center, OH 43035

2. Send us an email at letting us know that you'd like your donation to be designated as a matching donation.

Help Thirst Relief bring water to those in need in 2012 - double your donation dollar today!

Best to you,
Nathan White
Director of Operations
Thirst Relief International 

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